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Kpop Thread!



  • @alnwrites

    me knowing nothing about k-pop but reading lisa and blackpink

    thank you for my k-pop research list! off to stalk your spotify playlists now.

    xx A

  • ayzrules

    @alnwrites THAT GIF LMAOOOOOO

  • YouNiceKeepGoin

    So happy to met another Blink!

    I listen to lots of groups & a few solo artist. (both girl & boy groups!~)

    Girl Groups:

    Blackpink (Obviously), Loona, Everglow, Twice, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, Itzy, Weki Meki, GFriend, DreamCatcher, Neo Japonism (J-pop), & Momoland

    Boy Groups: Bts (My first group to listen to), Got7, TOO, Monsta X, EXO, VAV, TXT, NCT, Wanna One (Disband, But still love them.), Ateez, Seventeen, Beast.

    Soloist: Jessi, Somi, Hyun Ya, Chung Ha, Taemin, Agust'D, Jennie, RM, J-hope (Not sure if these count, but gonna put them here anyway)

    Their are WAY To many songs that i love, so let's just say all XD

    I'm so excited cause Taehyung is suppose to drop a Mixtape soon!~ #KTH1ISCOMING

    Are you excited for Blackpink's comeback?

    I wish YG would hurry up with that but oh well :/

    Anyway, I'm so happy to see this!🥰 Have a great day!~💜



  • ayzrules

    @YouNiceKeepGoin hello!!!!! i love everglow, itzy, weki meki, loona, and dreamcatcher's stuff that i've heard so far!!! i don't think i'm the biggest huge fan of them but they all have some quality music


    i don't really listen to boy groups but old school exo is always a banger (and some of kris wu's newer stuff is sooo good!), and i love somi and chung ha as soloists too! (& also sunmi yesssss)


    i cannot WAIT for a comeback but unfortunately i think yg's going to keep pushing it back because of the whole coronavirus sitch :( so glad to hear your thoughts & hope you're doing well!!! <3

  • YouNiceKeepGoin

    ayzrules That's ok, I'm not the biggest fan either, just love their music, & their outfits, but they are amazing people~

    Exo is amazing~ Omg, Yes!~ (Sunmi i haven't listen to before, mid suggesting a song or two?)


    I can't either! I think they might too, which is really disappointing, cause i love Blackpink!~🥰

    Thank you :), You too!~💜

  • ayzrules

    YouNiceKeepGoin yesss! and i like full moon, lalalay, gashina, noir by sunmi <333 heroine is also good!


    and FR blackpink is one of my favorites!!! so sad that it's been over a year since kill this love :(


    have you been watching youth with you? Ik lisa's a dance mentor on that show!

  • Aminah Iqbal


    so I am probably a bigger bg fan than a gg group fan but I still love my girls!

    so I love and listen to BTS (my ults and my first<3), NCT (all the units) , Monsta X, GOT7, Red Velvet (my fave gg), Twice, TXT, Ateez, Seventeen, Suju, Stray Kids, Astro, Sunmi, Chungha, Day6, Shinee

  • ayzrules

    Aminah Iqbal ooooh okay i ADORE ReVe, Sunmi, Chungha!!! <333 i definitely need to get more into boy groups hahahah but i really liked the Daechwita (sp?) song that one of the BTS members (Suga?) recently put out!!

  • Baby Mocha


    I'm a huge BTS fan and I have gone to a lot of their concerts and gotten VIP tickets every time, The BTS members are really nice and sweet. I love kpop too and I haven't been to any other kpop band concerts besides BTS, SO if anyone here needs to know anything about BTS ask me I'm an expert on BTS and I'm obbssed.


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